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a birth of a NEW FIC (?) [
11/03/06 - 7:41pm]
Hey guys,

After a year of having no inspiration in writing a fanfic... i was struck with inspiration last Nov. 1 when i searched our computer for some music,i come across this hidden folder of my cousin Kip... lo and behold! a porn video! *lol*... okay so that's not the only content of the folder, the folder also have a subforlder that have this collection of sentimental/ mushy music like "Come what may" and "Broken Vow of Lara Fabian" *lol*... you see, my cousin is not the sentimenatl type of person, so i was laughing out load when i discovered his secret music collection...blackmail material .*evil smirk*

So now, my inspiration comes from this two songs: Come what May of Nicole kidman and Ewan Mc Gregor and Broken Vow of Lara Fabian...

So i angst myself with this fic. please tell me if it suck and help me Beta it.. this is my first time writing for this fandom,i 'm intending this fic to be a Tezu/Fuji for owangekid_lei but it became a Harry/ Draco instead.. *lol*

Title: *still working on the title...*
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Harry/ Draco, Harry/ Ginny *WTF???*
Warning: a bit OOC, DracoAngst,UnBETAed
A/N: For owangekid_lei for the inspiration... *lol*, fileroom anyone?!

Untitled yet....Collapse )
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Courtney... Sorrryyyy.... [
11/03/06 - 6:34pm]
[ mood | sad ]


I'm so sorry for still not sending the Gravitation dvd... I have no time to go out and i can't leave our house cause my Lola is in the province...

I know you would really love to kill me right now for making you wait for a week.. and i'm really sorry for it, i know you are angry at ate dustbunny now.. i hope you'll not kill me when you comment on this..

I'm really sorry... ilove you my little sisiter.. i hope you still see me as your Ate Dustbunny.. *bows*

hugs and kisses

Ate Jamile

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Sayonara NextBase DVD [
09/22/06 - 7:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Lei... here it is,*lol*

You know what to do with it... *lol*


I'm excited on viewing the latest dvd of Kyou Kara Mao... my DVD is fixed already and will be coming home tomorrow..(hopefully, if my father decided not to forget it. *pouts*)

Sayonara NEW DVD....


I miss you Len and Lei

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09/08/06 - 6:17pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

SEPT 26, 2006

Judgment day for me.. OMFG! That's the date for our defense for my thesis.


And we are still in chapter 4.. i mean my partner is still in chapter 4 since she would'nt even let me get near the computation table..*LOL*.. sman Statistics.. i wonder who invented it, i'll really kill them.

That's why i'm still not available for parties, malling , watching movies.. and internet. banned by my thesis partner *cries*


*huggles* Naru-chan .


Tagalog POST [
08/09/06 - 8:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Feeling ko ang tagal ko ng nawala..

Medyo nag-suffer kase yung grades ko nung wala akong inatupag kung hindi DVD..ayun!pumutok tuloy siya..Tang-ina!

So ngayon isa akong malungkot na bata dahil ayaw paring pagawa ng aking papa ang aking pinakamamahal na dvd.*sobs*. kase daw mababa yung grades ko..Duh!

i mean mababa na ba yung 2 (DOS) sa Thesis grade namin?! Masyado silang nasanay na matataas grades ko at ngayon ako tuloy ang nagpapaka-genius para lang mapagawa yun DVD player ko..*waaahhh*

*raaaannnnttt,Blah, BLah,BLAh,BLAH!*


Na-mimiss ko nga sila Lei and Len cause nasanay akong lagi kong Katxt silang dalawa,but sa dami ng ginagawa ko this prelims, nakakalimutan ko na yun cell ko. And may pesteng SPED pa na lagi akong kinukulit tungkol sa thesis nia.

So ngayon, i'm having major migraines.. parang ang dami kong ginagawa and tinatamad akong gawin yun...and for the SPED student,tinataguan ko lang naman siya..*evil smile*


Nakuha ko na yung Practicum uniform ko..*LOL*..Mukha kong SUMAN!!!di ko masara yung buttons ng blazeeeeerrrrr..*rrraarrr*

Lei and Len-chan.please dont post my picture pag nagmeet tayo and suot ko yun..please..i'm begging you..nakakatawa talaga yung itsura ko. Mukha kong cross-breed ng Teller sa banko to Flight stewardess. NO JOKE!


I miss all of you..sorry if bigla akong nawala na parang bula,di nagtetext and di nagpaparamdam...Sorryyyyyy... *bows*


I'm dead... [
06/21/06 - 6:28pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

It's still first week of class but i'm beat now..so many researches to be done for my thesis. I'm doing it now cause i want to be free on saturday and sundays to only found out that my friends canceled our 'gimik'. Now i'm stuck at home this weekend.*pouts*

I'll share my sked this semester to all of you..


7:00 - 10:00 - Spec 6 -Observation ( We will observe SPED kids in their school..we will go there at 5:45 AM . *wails*)

10:00-1:00 - Education 19 - Observation 2 ( heck!why do they have to do this to us..*cries*


1:00-2:30 - Education 18 - Introductional to Educational Research

(Shit!The EVIL subject this semester..*pouts*, Goodbye Manga and Doujishis..Hello Piaget and Mental Retardation *sniffs*)

2;30- 4;00 - Basic Mandarin- ( i'm really dissapointed in my school because of this,we lack really good language and speech teachers..*pouts*. The only Language arts they teach in CEU is Spanish and Mandarin..but no Japanese..badtrip)

I know i should not complain about my sked cause i have no class on Wed. and Fri. which means that i can still play Tennis...but the sad part is that we still have our Lab. and i think it will be scheduled on Wed and Fri. *pouts*.


Haaaayyyyyyyy.....I'm in fourth year college nah..*wails*

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06/17/06 - 6:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Your Deadly Sins
Greed: 40%
Sloth: 40%
Pride: 20%
Envy: 0%
Gluttony: 0%
Lust: 0%
Wrath: 0%
Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%
You'll die in a castle, surrounded by servants.


So that means i'm gonna be rich someday..*lol*


I'm here in megamall with Lei and Len to attend the TOyCon!Yay!.. it's so crowded and have many Toys..duh, kaya nga toycon eh..*lol*.

Friends Only for ? months... [
05/03/06 - 8:56pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

Guys,this Friends Only will only be temporary..cause a certain someone keeps on stalking me..i dont wanna say who "HE" is..but he's really bothering me...

But dont worry,just comment on this post if you want to be my friend..(i hope someone will),*smiles*


04/21/06 - 8:59pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey guys!I'm here to sell my manga kase naghihirap na ko...*cries*

Here are the Covers of the manga:

Yaoi Manga 4 SALE!Collapse )
Prices are negotiable, just reply to this post.

I'm BROKE!! [
04/19/06 - 8:20pm]
[ mood | depressed ]


I'm currently selling 2 of my precious DMP manga..*sobs*. It really hurts me to do this,i really needed the money cause i broke my MP3!!!*wails*.

I really love to complete Jazz but because of that incident i have to let go of it. *sighs*...i'm so depressed.

I also wanna buy "My Everlasting" by Toko Kawaii.. kaya icon nalang muna niya gagagmitin ko for now..hehehe

Sana someone will buy my manga..*nagmamakaawa look*

I'll post it here to..just in case..


Lei left for China yesterday..*huggles*..will miss you!

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I really DYED my hair RED! [
03/23/06 - 8:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I dye my hair RED...well not those bloody red..more like Burgundy..or was it Auburn..but i really dye it!

owangekid_lei was the culprit..*lol*,she was the one who influenced me on dyeing my black hair..i guess its for the better cause my hair got this shiny glow on them now,even without brushing!


I missed mienai_hoshi she's supposed to come to our school last friday wit lei..*pouts*..o well,good luck on her new job..*smiles*

Speaking of jobs..my daddy asked me to work in Mc Donalds..me?! work in Mc Do???!!! i'm a very happy-go-lucky person and i detest working,in shOrt i'm really a lazy girl and i have no idea why my dad wants me to work in Mc Do when he knew i'm lazy! *whew..* ..

I really admire those crews cause they're really working very hard,but i cant really see myself working there...i sucked on cleaning..esp on moping the floor,i often get slipped on the floor when my mom is cleaning our floor..LMAO

But in the end i convinced my dad that there is really no hope for me to work in Mc Do. Hah.


Summer's approaching....ang init sa philippines!!!

Rudolph..aka OCHIBI is really cute..*yay*


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Ore-sama no bigi ni yoina... [
03/17/06 - 9:40pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Rate me please...*puppy eyes*Collapse )

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I'm sick because of that damn sampaguita interlude!!!! [
03/17/06 - 8:48pm]
[ mood | *coughs* ]

Hey everyone..

I'm sick again..

My head hurts...and ang sakit ng lalamunan ko..and nasabi ko na ba na i'm coughung all day..nagmorph kase yung sore troat ko..huhuhuh...

ang akala ko pa naman pagkatapos naming mangarag sa schoolwork,our loving teachers exposed us to UV rays and pollution and germs of the Mendiola..*exaggeration*

Kase naman sabi nila 6 daw uwian na tapos yun pala 8 na kami pinauwi ng CEU!!!!!


Sana tuloy kami ni lei..*pokes* dont worry,i wont spread my germs all over you..magbubblehead ka na muna parang yung sa Harry Potter..

Di pa ko kumakain.......*dies*


Most depressing post ever *sobs* *coughs*

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Nag-Absent Akoooooooo [
03/10/06 - 3:51pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm so Pasaway talaga..i did not go to class this day cause i'm t so sleepy..my class starts at 7 am pero i slept around 4 cause i'm still high on that Coffee Jelly Craze that we ate sa Jolibee

Now....I'm still very much sleepy..i keep on yawning and yawning..*sighs*


Kahapon meron kaming Sampaguita Interlude.. we have to be grilled under the sun for 3 hours (ouch!sunblock sabi ni Lei), its like a tradition in our school to do that program..its for 3rd year and 4th year student,we have to exchange this sampaguita necklace..(i forgot what they are called..i think its lei???!kalimutan ko na eh..) .

And its MAJOR OUCH! the teachers are so sadista..i mean they wanted us to dance under the sun at 3 pm! and they keep on telling us to start all over again kase madami rin mga pasaway na katulad ko who's really slouching na and yawning and can't keep up with the steps..

And the song is ssssssoooooooo boring..we cannot understand it cause it's spanish..and we have to dance for 3 songs!!2 of them spanish and we have to memorize them!!!!!

nakauwi na ko nang 7...oh diba..Teachers really are sadist..*ahem*


owengekid_lei called me last night,around 11:30..i convinced her to eat..grabe,pati food she's tinatamad pa..di ko kaya yun! *lol* and we talked until my mom scolded me cause it's already 1 am na..

I wanna eat Lucky Me beef noodles!

Aaaaaahhhh!!!wala ako sa mood talaga..my english is going bonkers and i'm still soooo sleepy...*yawns*


I posted my fic on pinoy_yaoi...yun lang..

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02/28/06 - 6:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I learned that mienai_hoshi watched the Jpop concert in Shangrila that features Core of Soul ... i have'nt heard their songs yet,but based on len,they'r good..

You see,Shangrila mall is really close to our house but my mom forbd me to go there!i have no idea why...*sighs* I'm 19 years old!!!ano ba?!

And Len got a picture of THE Barbi Almalbis..she's really cute,whenever i see her pic,she always remind me of anime singers,cause she looks like one!*smiles*


I'm Inlove..Yup,you read it right!!!!!!!!!!

The problem is i nakasabay ko lang siya sa FX ... he was seated in front of me at the back of the FX..He's soooooo handsome!!!!!!!! ... and i'm really a dork....

I'm a DORK, kase ba naman!!!!pag pasok ko ba naman ng FX,diba kaharap ko siya?!lahat ng gamit ko nalaglag sa kanya!!!*wails*,nakakahiya cause i'm carrying all this library heavy books and all of them and my bag fell at in his lap!!!...but he just smiled at me,tapos yung 2 girls na katabi ko and niya..THEY ARE LAUGHING AT ME!!!*duh*, they're like staring at me pa and pilit na di tumatawa,i think they are 'tindera' sa quiapo cause they're speaking visayan language eh... i really wanna die on the spot dun..so para di dyahe,i pretended to read my new book...(i'll tell that later), eh biglangn nagbreak yung FX,nalglag nanaman yung gamit ko..*OMG* i'm such a klutz talaga if i'm in front of a cute guy..

But the best part is,he helped me pick up my things (again!), and he SMILED at me!!!!HE SMILED AT ME!!!He's so freaking cute!!!and his eyes..*drools*..he's a foreigner,i think he's an iranian..and a muslim,and he's got this lip.......*drools again*,lol!grabe talaga,i can't even look at him straight in the eye kase baka lalo pa akong magblush..and he keeps on glancing at me...*smiles*,i'm delusional na!!! ..sana nga traffic eh,but sadly hinde..*pouts*

So nung nakarating na kami(?) sa mendiola and i have to leave him na (?????),he opened the door for me,and i think he really wanted to help me with my things cause i really look so stressed na talaga..nung nakababa na ko i glanced dun sa loob ng fx and OMG!!! He SMILED AT ME AGAIN!!!!!!! *dies*

All day... i have this very stupid smile in my face...and i ace my test,i'm the highest..*smirks*... iba na talaga ang may inspirasyon!


I got a new bookkk Gravitation, The novel , if you've watched the anime or read the manga you'll know Gravitation..come on!all of us started in Gravitation...i mean i started to like Yaoi/Shounen-ai because of Yuki/Shuichi...but i'm not that fond of the story cause i hate angst..and Yuki is ooozzzziiiiinnnng of angst...

The book is okay...like the series,i'ts not that fluffy,and Shu-chan is again being treated like a ragdoll again by Yuki. But i when i read the book,i'm touch with the way shu really loves Yuki...*aww*,and i sort of understand that Yuki really love Shu but has no idea how to express it to Shu...

Pero ang hinde ko ma-gets is...Is Yuki still have girlfriends????kase dun sa book may nakalagay na even if they are together he still kept few girlfriends..yun tuloy,naguguluhan ako if Yuki really do love Shu-chan..


owangekid_lei i'll lend it to you when your not swamped with school works..*huggles*


Wanna See The Stupid Smile??Collapse )

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Happy Valentines day everyone! [
02/14/06 - 11:49am]
[ mood | restless ]

You're a Shounen-ai fangirl

Are you a yaoi fangirl?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm a shounen-ai fan?not yaoi??? oh well maybe thats why i love those fluffy sweet fics and i'm mad about Yami no Matsuei... But i also love Sensitive Pornoghaph....and Level C...

Or i just can't tell the difference between them??

But they are both cute anyways..*smiles*


The day is just beggining,but i'm still feeling down because of that guy...He still texting me, and i'm forced to reply cuase he's flooding my inbox...damn him!, he sends 3-5 msgs with the same content..badtrip noh?!

And my friend ak me to give her 1 long stemmed rose..and since she knew that i can't resist her charms(?) i bought her one..now i have no money..*pouts*,but thats okay,she's feeling down too and she and her boyfriend broke up last week so i think she's just feeling depressed cause she's used to have gifts on Valentines day and suddenly they broke up...*sighs*

I hope this day will progress into a good one...its a good thing i still have my date..with my dog..*lol*


shikanashi_kk i miss you na!!!Paws!!where are you????
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Sucks!!!! [
02/09/06 - 10:19am]
[ mood | blah ]

I dont really like being taken by surprise,especially if i know the subject and the teacher will surprise you with a question that you know the answer to but you can't answer cause your mind goes blank cause your Terror Teacher called you out of the blue...


That's what happend yesterday..I got up around 6 am when my mom told me that my father will leave us for a week..for some personal reason...na-badtrip ako so i decided to skip my morning class. When i went to school around 1 pm for my Terror Teacher's class aka SPEC 5, i'm already ready to face her and her monstrous temper so i was pretty confident when i walk into our class...but sadly,lady luck seems pretty pissed off to me so when its my turn to recite she's already in her Terror Temper mode. I tell you, when she's on that mode you should watch out for those sarcastic comments, and i mean SARCASTIC...but she called it constructive critiscm...

I presented to her my materials which i relly pour my time,sweat and blooooooddddd..in short my whole weekend to be only told that its NOT INNOVATIVE!!!! and its not CREATIVE!!!! and the Materials are not durable and the colors are not in the same color wheel etc!


And worse!i made that material for Mentally Retarded children but she made me present my materials for a Blind child!Ang layo nila!!!!!Its a good thing that i made the numbers with corrugated paper and felt paper or else i would havre failed that demonstration...

And the worst part of that day is that Di ako nakapunta sa greenhills cause my Terror Teacher overtimed our class, and we have to go home at 6 instead of the usual 5 pm dissmisal!!!!!...

TENIPURI!!!!! i want TENIPURI!!!!! EIJI!!!!! OISHI!!!! and OMG! KAIDO!!!!

I'm in love with Kaido and Eiji i wish there's someone out there that has the same face, smile, sssssshhhhhhh etc like them!


We have no class today...damn,i still can't go to Greenhills,our treasurer caught me sneaking out of the gate of my school,i have to pay 50 pesos for a boring concert...and i keep on making 'takas' to her,so she got angry with me ... LOL..


I wonder...when will we, owangekid_lei find rest and peace to our college life...crammers/procastinator delight! and proud of it!

I'm Kaidoh!But i'm MORE IN LOVE WITH Eiji!!!!Collapse )

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01/30/06 - 11:58am]
[ mood | blah ]

Wwwwwaaaahhhh..i'm drowning with homeworks now..*sighs*

but in fairness,i have 2 day break from my school cause of of the ending of our monster midterm...*lol*

I miss narusuke_uchiha,mienai_hoshi and the bithday girl owengekid_lei....

And 'Andy' and 'Severo and all those Yaoi pairings that we talked about last saturday..

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Where on EARTH will i find a RIDDLE of PAPAYA!!!! [
01/27/06 - 10:30am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I have this STUPID project...*wails*

I have to find or write my own riddle about this two fruits:

1. Papaya
2. Mango

Where on earth will i find one?! and my brain's not functioning well again..

AAAAAAAHHHHH...I dont wanna be teacher anymore...!!!!!!!

ang hirap hah!!! kala mo madaling gumawa ng mga pangbatang stuffs..but its really difficult..you have to think about what IM you will do for that subject and what strategy you will use to make them effective..

And i'm going to teach in Elementary level..in short,those kids that will really test your patience but at the same time will make you laugh because of their antics..

I decided to bully my classmate in changing my 'fruit'.

Kiwi nalang..



Stupid entry
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01/21/06 - 6:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm sick again!!!!!!


i can't understand why i'm so suseptible to sickness..and my spelling's going bonkers on me again!!!

OMG!!!i'm gonna be stupid more and more...lol..


I'm so happy to be part of Pinoy_yaoi ...all of them is so kind..*sighs*,iba talaga pag pinoy...

And they have this all suggestions about those new manga!i dont have to spend money..*hugs* all of them..and i get to meet friends,well new friend who understand about my addiction on yaoi..*sighs happily*

mienai_hoshi is soooo nice....*huggles*

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